Links to Environmental Toxics Information

At – the Environmental Working Group — you can access both advocacy and a wealth of information.  “The Environmental Working Group is the [United States’] leading environmental health research and advocacy organization. Our mission is to serve as a watchdog to see that Americans get straight facts, unfiltered and unspun, so they can make healthier choices and enjoy a cleaner environment.”

United Nations Environment Programme has a multilingual site (English, 中文, Espanol, Francais) at is an Australian government site; their motto is “make safe—buy safe—use safe” (English and language 中文) (English and Chinese 中文 ) focuses on China but is “an international network of 700 organizations in 109 countries dedicated to a toxics free culture.” The site has links to resources in multiple languages.  is a US, non-profit site “Researching toxic chemicals in everyday products.” (English and Espanol)

US Department of Health and Human Services has pages on health and safety information of consumer products. English language: and is an EU government site.  ECHA is the European Chemicals “the driving force among regulatory authorities in implementing the EU’s groundbreaking chemicals legislation for the benefit of human health and the environment as well as for innovation and competitiveness. ECHA helps companies to comply with the legislation, advances the safe use of chemicals, provides information on chemicals and addresses chemicals of concern.” (EU languages.) Their vision: “ECHA aspires to become the world’s leading regulatory authority on the safety of chemicals.”