Put a pin on our map!


These are among the earliest responses to our Survey #1 (by zip code, not full address).  This is a blurry screenshot for illustrative purposes only and formatted to preserve privacy, always one of our top concerns.  (The real map is interactive.)

Map, early responders







The power of this technique is to compare many maps — for instance, the map of highest ASD incidence or most rapid increase in ASD diagnoses to maps of waste sites, oil refineries, other major industrial sites, high or increasing use of various pesticides and so forth.  Please help “pinpoint” environmental causes of autism by taking our surveys Survey #1 is still open. Survey #2 is closed and we hope to report results soon. We plan further surveys, so please keep your Participation Number to use again.

Best wishes to all who’ve participated and to all the children,

With thanks,

Emily Diamond, Psy.D.
Jim Diamond, M.D.