Some International Resources

Autism resources around the world

In the US, the Autism Support Network has a lot to offer, and uses Google Translate (you can read the site in 70+ languages).  This site also includes a chat site for people with Asperger’s or Autism to connect with others in real time.  It also includes other forums:

Also in the U.S., Autism Speaks at: has an extensive resource guide, tool kits which cover a wide variety of issues such as sleep, employment, housing and more.  There’s also an online Austim Spectrum screening tool, events calender, advocacy, and an extensively researched section on different kinds of apps specific to autism.  This section covers the platforms that they run on, and whether or not there is research evidence that the app is helpful.  Autism Speaks also sponsors research.  The site is in English, Korean, and Spanish.

In the UK: is one of UK’s largest non-profit support organizations for families with autism. Their motto: “Accept difference.  Not indifference.”  Within the UK it offers free parent-to-parent phone support service in multiple languages.  The parents who do the support have training, personal experience, and the phone call is confidential.   This  page of their website  offers help to parents in about 30 languages!

India.   Action for Autism (AFA) founded in 1991 is India’s pioneering, national non-profit autism society.  Their mission, “To facilitate a barrier free environment; to enable the empowerment of persons with autism and their families; and to act as a catalyst for change that will enable persons with autism to live as fully participating members of the community.”

They also have a page listing autism related organizations around the world:

In Israel, Friends of ALUT, established by parents in 1974 has a site in English, Hebrew, Russian and Arabic,   While their services are for people within Israel, it’s an education to look at the variety of services they offer, vacationing, housing, special education, leisure activities, and more.

In China, Beijing Stars and Rain is China’s first non-governmental educational organization dedicated to serving children with autism.  It was the subject of a documentary film.  (languages: Chinese, English, German).

Here’s the trailer to the movie:

GlobalAutism Around the Globe is a site in which you can look up services in just about any country.  You put in your country, and they’ll provide a listing of services.  (Languages:  Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, English).  They have a world map which links to resources in many countries at . 

To look up services in your country on their site, go to:

The organization, The Global Autism Project, says “Autism knows no borders; fortunately, neither do we.”  Their mission statement:“To build local capacity to provide services to individuals with autism in under-served communities worldwide, and to address the lack of resources and extremely limited understanding of autism that plagues many under-served populations, we partner with autism centers established by local individuals. Our community empowerment model supports systemic change by providing family and community education through workshops and hands-on training.” Their current work is in Ghana, Kenya, Peru, and India (languages: Disponible en español / disponible en français / disponibile in italiano / verfügbar in Deutsch dostępny w języku polskim / на русском языке / باللغة العربية / 可在中文 / 日本語で利用できます / 한국어로 제공 / हिन्दी में उपलब्ध)